Welcome and thank you for taking time to visit our website.  Auctions have existed for thousands of years. They have always been a very popular way to market just about every kind of thing that exists. Livestock, farm equipment, auto, real estate, antiques and collectibles are only a few examples of items sold at auction. An auction offers sellers a viable way to market and sell their goods in large quantities. It is true price discovery for each and every item sold on that particular day. Even today they are just as popular with reality TV auction shows boosting auction markets. Millions more are joining in with the relatively new online market, because of convenience it offers and still the excitement of competing/winning. 

Real Estate

 Rick is the Owner and Broker for Bravo Realty.  He opened Bravo Realty in October of 2019. He worked for RE/MAX PARTNERS in Louisburg, KS for 8 years prior to the office closing. Bravo Realty's slogan is "Where buyers pay less and sellers make more"!

Benefit Auctions

Rick has successfully assisted numerous charities and groups with benefit auctions from the planning stage through the auction, raising tens of thousands of dollars for important causes. There are hundreds of thousands of nonprofit fundraising auctions every year. These events raise millions of dollars. RIf you need help give us a call.

Online auctions

Since COVID - the growth of online auctions has been huge!  Traditional auction goers have learned to adapt to online bidders and those already accustomed to online shopping have discovered how fun auctions are. The success of these auctions has been very financailly rewarding for the sellers and super convienent for the buyers.  Consider holding an online auction and reaching a much larger audience than an in person auction.