Welcome and thank you for taking time to visit our website.  Auctions have existed for thousands of years. They have always been a very popular way to market just about every kind of thing that exists. Livestock, farm equipment, auto, real estate, antiques and collectibles are only a few examples of items sold at auction. An auction offers sellers a viable way to market and sell their goods in large quantities. It is true price discovery for each and every item sold on that particular day. Even today they are just as popular with reality TV auction shows boosting auction markets. Millions more are joining in with the relatively new online market, because of convenience it offers and still the excitement of competing/winning. 

Real Estate

Rick is a sales agent with RE/MAX PARTNERS. Being part of one of the top rated Real Estate Companies in the world RE/MAX offers unmatched satisfaction to its customers.  RE/MAX Partners in Louisburg, Kansas is a true full service Real Estate Company now offering Auction Services to its tool box. Whether you want to sell or buy property the traditional method or by using the auction method, Rick and RE/MAX Partners is here in full force to support all your real estate clients.  Make RE/MAX Partners and Semper Fi Auction Services your choice, when selling or buying a property.

Benefit Auctions

Rick has successfully assisted numerous charities and groups with benefit auctions from the planning stage through the auction, raising tens of thousands of dollars for important causes. There are hundreds of thousands of nonprofit fundraising auctions every year. These events raise millions of dollars. Rick conducted more than twenty events in 2012 and assisted other auction companies as well.  If you need help give us a call.

Online auctions

Online auctions are the new and popular way to sell your items. It brings a whole new crowd of people who would rather participate using their computers from the comforts of home.  Online auction popularity continues to grow substantially every year and Semper Fi Auction Services is proud to offer it as a choice.  It opens up the buyer market by eliminating geographical limitations that restrain live auctions.  Buyers have a better opportunity to buy because they can bid anytime day or night instead of waiting around for a particular item like at a live auction. Internet bidding via either timed auctions or live Internet auctions with pre-bidding and real-time Internet bidding affords you with a better opportunity to buy or sell your items. This method exposes your items to a worldwide audience.